Chinese Summer Course

General information

  • Hours of attendance: 24h
  • Weekly hours: 6h
  • Class time: 2h classes with a 10 minutes break
  • Morning Timetable: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 11
  • Registration fee: 15 €
  • Price: 240 €
  • A quiz or assignment will be given after each class
  • Character assignments: learn how to write some new characters each day

Course programme

1st Week
Monday, July 3Easy grammar
The tones
Tone pairs table
Wednesday, July 5Simplified vs Traditional Chinese
Chinese Calligraphy
How characters are made
Friday, July 7Chinese pinyin
Chinese numbers 0-10
Chinese numbers 11-99
2nd Week
Monday, July 10Self-introduction
I can speak a little Chinese
Wednesday, July 12Negative sentences in Chinese
I am not American
How to ask a question in Chinese
Friday, July 14Greetings in Chinese
Do you like to eat Chinese food?
Do you want coffee or tea?
3rd Week
Monday, July 17But
Something to drink
Something to eat
Wednesday, July 19Numbers above 100
Where are you going?
Friday, July 21Do you have a menu?
I am ... followed by adjective
I think you are beautiful
4th Week
Monday, July 24The Confucian hierarchy within families
Family members
Here, there, which; to be located at: 在
Wednesday, July 26Days of the week
Friday, July 28Signs of the Zodiac
The Lunar New Year
Final Test